Sunday, March 13, 2016

God's love will never cease

Good morning everyone!!! 

I can't believe another week has passed! How is it March?!?!? This week I hit my 18 month mark and I don't know how it's here already... 

We taught Trinity the plan of salvation this week! She's doing really well, she continues to read the Book of Mormon and her prayers are so sincere. She thanked Heavenly Father that we taught her how to return to live with Him. I love teaching youth! They are so sweet. 

We got to go do baptisms for the dead with Amelia on Saturday. It was such an incredible experience. She loved it and felt the Spirit so strongly! 

This week we visited someone who is going through a very difficult family situation and she doesn't think that God loves her because He is allowing it to happen. It makes me so sad to see people who lose faith in God when they experience trials. I'm so grateful to know that God allows trials to come into our lives to help us learn and grow and come closer to Him! I'm so glad I can testify of that and testify that the Savior will strengthen us to bear our trials. 

I bore my testimony for the last time in all our wards yesterday.... It was so hard. During the first one I just sobbed. I've never cried at the pulpit on my mission, until yesterday. It just hit me. Amelia got up and bore her testimony. It was so sweet. She said she was so grateful that because of her sisters she was there and she got to go to the temple. One of my other converts bore her testimony too and it was such a hard but special day. 

It's so hard to have to start saying goodbye! There just isn't time to see all the members I want to! The work must go on!

Have a great week! Remember that God loves you!

-Sister Richards