Saturday, September 12, 2015


Hello everyone! :)

This week was so busy but it was really good! Labor Day weekend is Taylor's sweet corn festival! Taylor is known for it's sweet corn. We volunteered to organize and create our ward's float for the parade cause they were just going to bag it. Sister Thumstedter and I said no way! Mel and Katy helped us out so much! We had a really good time working on it with them and some of Katy's family. The theme for the float was growing in faith, family and friends. We built a temple out of these huge boxes from the furniture store and Sister Thumstedter and I were teaching Katy's sister, who has a month old baby- and then her niece and her friends and Cooper and his friend passed out candy. We did pretty good for throwing it together in less than a week. haha 

We had a booth at the festival. We have a new potential investigator as a result! We also found a family from Eagar that's interested in the Gospel! Some members gave us some referrals to their less active family members. The set up was a lot better than our last booth! 

I'm out of time so I'll include some pictures and call it good! 

Have a great week! 

-Sister Richards :)

Working on the float!

Silly Mel...

Couldn't have done it without the Chees and their family and friends!

Taylor sweet corn! Yum!

And the booth!


My cute friend Gavin Hensley

My cute friend Gavin Hensley

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