Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Week in the MTC

Dearest Family and Friends-

I hope everyone is doing well! So much has happened these past few days I hope I can tell you about all of the good stuff!

First off, thanks Grandpa and Grandma for picking me up and dropping me off. Wednesday wasn't as crazy or stressful as I thought it might be! 
My companion is Sis Christensen from Florida and there is one other companionship of sisters in our district- Sis Goodman from Texas and Sis Dodson from Georgia. They are great! I love them so much. Sis Christensen and I are very similar and get along very well! There are 3 companionships of Elders in our District and they are.. well, great too hahah. They all just graduated and are pretty immature but have great testimonies! They sure do try our patience.. We have a great Branch Presidency. Sis Christensen and I are Sister Training Leaders which is pretty exciting. We just serve and love all the sisters! But right now there's only the two sisters in our district and the other district is all Elders and so is the district that's entering today so that's a bummer.

My schedule..
Us sisters wake up at 5:50 and go to the sisters workout class which has been awesome! kick boxing, yoga, step aerobics and so on. It sure wakes us up! Then get ready, get breakfast, then we go to our classroom and plan, personal study and companionship study. Then we have lunch and more time in the classroom where we are taught such great lessons from our teachers Brother Call and Sister Gwynn! Then we have gym and we have played volleyball and basketball and run the track! Then it's back to the classroom for more class... Woohoo! Thursday Sis Christensen and I taught our first "investigator" Don. He's great and has been progressing as we teach him more and more. We also teach other more random people at TRC. Yesterday we taught a member in AZ over skype which was neat! At first teaching made me really nervous but it's getting better and I'm gaining confidence with more practice!
Sunday was great we had mission conference in the morning and heard some great talks from our MTC presidency. Sister Christensen and I were in and out of leadership training all day for our Sister Training Leader position. Testimony meeting was really powerful! We ended the day with an awesome devotional and later we watched Elder Bednar's talk The Character of Christ. It was life changing. I recommend that everyone watches it. We also had a great Devotional last night and us sisters sang in the choir! Elder and Sister Sitati spoke to us about the importance of our missionary work. It was really powerful.

I've seen so many friends here from home and BYU and it's been so great to see familiar faces! I love the MTC and the Spirit that we feel here. I've been learning and growing so much and my testimony is definitely being strengthened! 

I leave Monday morning for Scottsdale!!!!! Our flight leaves at 8:30 or something. So just a few more days left! 

In the words of Elder Sitati- "The Restored Gospel is the greatest gift you've ever received and is the greatest gift you could ever give" I know this to be true! I'm so grateful for this Gospel and the opportunity I have to share it! I can't wait to get to Arizona next week!

Love you all!

Sister Richards

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