Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My first transfer..... I'M GOING TO THE MOUNTAINS!

My ideal mission dream is coming true.
I was in the Valley for the winter and it was beautiful. This month has actually been cooler than a typical May, so that's nice! And now I'm transferring up to Taylor for the summer! I'm so excited to go up to the mountains and escape the heat this summer! My new companion will be Sister Call. I've talked to her a few times and she seems awesome! We'll be driving up later today after transfer meeting and then tomorrow we will be going on the pioneer trek with the youth in the stake! I'm so excited!  
Sister Pazmino will be staying and covering the YSA ward as well as a Spanish ward in the stake. The two family wards we've been covering will be whitewashed by a pair of Elders. The Elders sure are lucky to be getting such great wards and we have lots of people for them to work with! It was sad for Sister Pazmino to say goodbye to them and the people we've been teaching. It's crazy after over 8 1/2 months to be leaving Mesa! I loved serving here and was so lucky to get to stay so long. The people here are amazing!

Sister Pazmino and I had a great last week! We finished reviewing the commandments with our YSA investigator Tony. He'll be getting baptized this Saturday. I'm super bummed to miss it but am so happy for him. He's been investigating the church for a long time now, a few years I think. He's had many baptism dates but they all fell through. This time he's very excited and can't wait. He also wants to serve a mission next year! :) 
The part-member family I've been trying to teach the entire 6 months I've been in the Riverview ward came to church for the first time on Sunday! It was so awesome! I was so happy! I hope the Elders can continue to teach them and help them accept the Gospel.
One of our investigators in 5th ward also came to church for the first time on Sunday! It was just such a great last Sunday in area. She requested Sundays off about a month ago and was finally able to come :) She really loved it and so did her little girls.

On Thursday we had a mission conference and we received our iPads! The training was so good. Now is the time for us as missionaries to become converted disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ. We have this great opportunity now to use this technology and learn how we can use our agency to show our love for our Heavenly Father by hastening His work. It's been so awesome to have the Gospel Library and LDS tools. We've been able to show Mormon Messages at lessons too.

I can't wait to tell you all about my new area and the trek next week! Until then find a way to serve someone and share your testimony :)

Love you all!
Sister Richards

​Our District Leader Elder Haney went home! This District was so much fun

This little girl Kayla is just so, so cute!

Going to miss Mer!!!

This is us at the Visitors' Center with Tony (next to Sister Pazmino) and some YSA friends

​I was able to see Sister Lyons at the mission conference! :)

​It was hard to say so many goodbyes!

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