Saturday, August 29, 2015

I can't think of a subject....

Good morning!!! 

It was a rough week for one major reason: we're on bike

I love biking!! I was so excited to be on bike this transfer. I could bike these hills all day. My companion on the other hand... hates biking and has some knee problems. I'm not sure what we're going to do. 
The first day we were biking down a street and her back tire just blew and she crashed. It wasn't a great start! Since we're only on bike for 6 weeks she is just borrowing some other sisters' bikes. Bishop Burt fixed one of the bikes up for us so we could get back on the road. But for the next day we got rides from Sister West everywhere. We got rides to church yesterday too. Our members are so willing to help and are so wonderful. We are so appreciative. 

We had a great experience on Saturday! We did some service with a woman named Heather. One of our ward missionaries has been serving her by helping her with her yard. We were able to go with Brother Penrod on Saturday to do some clean up. Heather is very shy so it was a huge success that she came out and talked to us! I was able to help Brother Penrod haul some of the tree branches while Sister Thumstedter was able to get to know her really well, and she opened up a lot. Sister Thumstedter invited her to church and she said she would think about it!!! We're excited to continue to establish a relationship with her. We have faith we'll be able to teach her the lessons soon.

We have a community clean up in the stake this weekend and Sister Thumstedter and I were thinking we should use it as a missionary opportunity! We're going to try to get flyers out to everyone in our wards asking for their help or if they have any service opportunities for us. We just found out about this clean up project yesterday so we're going to scramble to get it together! Hope it all works out! 

Brent came to church yesterday! That was awesome! He's cutting back a lot on his smoking. He's making progress!  :)

Well I'm about out of time! Have a great week everyone! 

-Sister Richards

I love it here!

Sister Thumstedter and I

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