Thursday, August 6, 2015


Happy Monday!!!

This past week was a blur. Sister Call and I were saying it's like we went to bed and woke up and it's Monday again. Hard to believe. Every week just passes faster and faster! I can't believe today marks 11 months on my mission. Sister Call is nearly dead, she hits 18 months on Wednesday and only has two weeks left on her mission!!!

It was a really great week. We taught lots of lessons and saw so many people!!! We had our interviews with President Sweeney on Tuesday. I always look forward to President's counsel and encouragement. His training for interviews was about being bold. He invited me to be an even more bold Sister missionary. I accepted his commitment and tried really hard this week to be more bold in declaring repentance and inviting everyone we met with to come unto Christ.

Lately all Sister Call and I hear is someday this and someday that. There's "Someday I'll come back to church", "someday I'll quit smoking and drinking", "Someday I'll get back to the temple", "someday I'll repent", "someday I'll share the Gospel", "someday I'll read the Book of Mormon", someday I'll get baptized and join the church". I hate the word someday!!! There is a really great Mormon message that Sister Call and I love to share when people use the word someday. It's titled Choose This Day and I recommend you all watch it!

President Eyring says that someday means not this day. And we know from Alma 34:32-36 we should not procrastinate the day of our repentance. I'll leave the same invitation with you that I've been leaving with all my investigators and less actives: Choose THIS DAY to serve and follow our Savior Jesus Christ. Will YOU? Start doing those things you know you need to do, today.

It is so neat to see people change and apply the Atonement. I know it's possible for us, no matter how far gone or lost that we think we are, to get back on the path and start doing what's right. It's hard. It takes courage and it takes faith in the Lord. We made a lot of progress with quite a few people this week- they're fasting, reading, praying, going to Addiction recovery classes and it's great! I'm excited for our upcoming week :)

Love y'all!

-Sister Richards

P.S. After 11 months I made it to a dentist (free cleaning from one of our members!) and I am cavity FREE! Flossing pays off for sure. I have a testimony of that haha

P.P.S. Mel- I know you're going to read this but you should get off Facebook and read the Book of Mormon :)

P.P.P.S This little boy about four years-old got up to bear his testimony right after the Bishop finished -he was so determined- and in his testimony he said "Jesus is a hero". It was adorable! He's right!!

Free Snocones! We're so spoiled by the members in this town :)

This is McKinley's little sister Madison. They call her "monster" and she's adorable. McKinley covered Sister Call's face...

My study desk! This lady gave us some beautiful wild flowers :)

Another tour de Taylor. Tomorrow we're going to bike to the temple!!
We think it's about 8 miles there

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