Thursday, December 18, 2014

Still 60 degrees here in Mesa..

These past few days have been crazy!

We were without our car for a few days so we had to walk a lot and got rides from people and our area is pretty big. I sure appreciate having my car now after going without it. Sister Lyons has also been sick since she arrived in the field and seems to be getting worse rather than getting better. I hope she can get feeling better soon so we can start working hard! 

Our new ward is wonderful. They welcomed me by having me speak in Sacrament meeting yesterday. They're really great and seem to be very missionary minded. Everyone is so shocked to find out that we're both "greenies" and that we have less than 4 months of experience between the both of us but they're really supportive and I'm excited to serve in a family ward! With babies screaming and all Sister Lyons and I both agreed it feels like home. 

Without our car and with Sister Lyons being sick it was hard to have a productive week but we still had some really good lessons. Nathan, one of our YSA investigators has been keeping his commitments to read and pray and he commited to be baptized. He also said he would come to church- and he did! Regardless of the talks in Sacrament meeting about preparing for Eternal marriage (typical YSA...) he said that he wants to come again next week! :) I am super excited to continue to teach him. At our first lesson I was skeptical if he would progress but he has soo much! He is really starting to see a difference in his life as he has started to pray and read the scriptures. 

We had a few lessons with our investigators in the Riverview ward. Neither one of them came to church though.. which was a bummer.
We're really hoping that as sisters we can get in and work with the sisters in the ward that the elders couldn't. 

We're still having lots of success right now with the He is the Gift initiative. I hope you're all celebrating Christ this Chrismas season. He is the gift!

I love you all! 

Sister Richards

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