Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another week has passe

This week was our temple week! We did baptisms with a recent convert and then went with the missionaries on Wednesday. I love being in the temple. You can feel the Spirit so strongly in the Lord's house. 

There's this part member family we're teaching and they have a 13 year-old nephew up here to visit this summer from the valley. His dad was raised LDS but is so inactive. He's said that his son cannot get baptized until 18 so this young man has little knowledge of the church but he's reading the Bible and then wants to read the Book of Mormon. He's investigated and attended quite a few churches and he already knows our church is the true one. He came to our basketball activity last week that we  as missionaries have as a finding tool. He's a baller. He reminded me of Quin. I'm still so amazed at how the youth in the world are flocking to the church and accepting the Gospel yet their parents have hardened their hearts and are set in their ways. 

We have a soccer night too and lots of nonmember youth come. We were able to invite this one girl to church on Sunday. She has lots of potential! She said she's always wanted to come I just think that no one has ever invited her! We're really trying to get the youth in the ward to help us fellowship and find people to teach. I wish that I had done more to share the Gospel with my friends growing up. There's another young man who comes to soccer who's brother recently converted and we're trying to schedule a time to start teaching him. 

We tried to contact lots of our potentials and former investigators this week but no one was interested! Sad week.. but their loss!!! I wish I could convey more to them that they're missing out on a lot! 

Our friend Mel taught us how to rope this week! It was so much fun! My cowgirl dreams are coming true up here. I hope that attaching this video works! They say I'm a natural when it comes to my swing but I'm still working on my throw... This video was the first time I actually roped the steer after many tries so I was a little excited haha

I hope you all have a good week! Pray for missionary opportunities and you will receive them! 

Sister Richards

Yay! Boise friends

Gorgeous sunset!

It's fun to see a familiar Boise face :)

Roping is so fun!

The cute restaurant called celebrations where they feed missionaries for FREE :)

We made lots of homemade cookies for our bishops and our ward mission leaders

Sister call and I at the temple

Love the old vehicles up here!

I wish missionaries could ride horses! ;)

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