Thursday, June 11, 2015

I hit halfway!

Happy Monday everyone! 

This week was good. I hit my halfway mark on Wednesday. I can't believe how time has been flying. Last week we sang hymn 226 "Improve the shining moments" at church and it really struck me. Verse 2: "Time flies on wings of lightning; we cannot call it back. It comes, then presses forward along its onward track. And if we are not mindful, The chance will fade away, for life is quick in passing. 'Tis as a single day." I don't want to lose any chances or have them pass me by! In preach my gospel it says that the time we have to serve the Lord is so short. It's so true and I want to use every moment to share the Restored gospel!!! 

This week President invited us to spend some time doing family history so that we could take family names to our temple trip this week. Sister Call and I went to the family history center for a couple hours and I had such a fun time finding all about my Grandma Lyn's uncle's wife. LeRoy Diteman's wife Nellie May Olson has quite the story! She was married twice before she married LeRoy. I was able to add both of her previous husbands to family search as well as her children. I also found her parents! I am so excited to go to the temple for Nellie as well as two of my grandpa Phil's aunts. There is such a strong spirit during temple history. I love it! I'm so grateful to be a missionary here in AZ and for my ancestors in the spirit world. I'm so glad I can give them the opportunity to use their agency to accept the gospel by performing their ordinances for them in the temple. I know that this temple trip will be so much more meaningful for me as I do work for my family. 

Yesterday we ate at this family's house and their daughters were wanting us to watch them do everything. They said "hey missionary" and kept trying to pronounce Sister Richards and it was so cute. Everything they said and asked was hey missionary this and hey missionary that and it was so cute. I love being a missionary! I never want to stop being recognized as a servant of the Lord. 

Have a great week! 

Sister Richards

​                                        Here's a picture of me and Sister Call from yesterday at church! 
                    Since it was my first fast Sunday I bore my testimony 3 times. It was a really long day

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