Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One Really Awesome Week!

Sister Call and I had a really awesome week! We were able to meet and exceed almost all our goals. We taught lots of lessons this week and were able to see some miracles! This week we're going to continue to build off the work we've been doing and aim for some higher goals! 

At the beginning of last week I prayed and told Heavenly Father that I would talk to as many people as I could this week and I asked Him to bless us that we would be able to invite someone to be baptized and it happened! I don't think it was because I was perfect on my end but I really was trying and I'm grateful the Lord blessed us for our effort. The person that invitation was extended to was Brayan, the guy that's been coming to soccer night. He seems really sincere and when we invited him to be baptized he said that he would when he receive an answer that the Gospel is true! 

We're also working with a family in one of our wards. They have a 9 year-old daughter named Mckinley that hasn't been baptized and yesterday they came to church after being out of town a few weekends and we found out she'll be able to be baptized on July 11th! We're so excited :) Mckinley also told us that she had kept her commitment and she had read the chapters we invited her to read from the Book of Mormon! :)

Another really cool thing that happened this week was that a recent convert of just over a year was able to be ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday! Jeff is doing so well!!!! He will be receiving his endowment on July 3rd hopefully. It was so neat because yesterday after he was ordained he was able to ordain a new deacon. Jeff is becoming so converted to the Gospel and he wants to share it! He said, "Sisters, I'm going to find you some people to teach." That's what the Gospel is all about :) If we are converted we will want to share what makes us so happy! :) 

We have such awesome members here! They are starting to share the Gospel! We have extended many challenges and invitations to do missionary work in the last couple weeks and the members are following through! They're handing out copies of the Book of Mormon and are inviting their friends and neighbors to activities, they're setting a date and praying for missionary opportunities and although we haven't seen any fruits or new investigators yet, I know they will come! :) I know that as members and missionaries we're all on the same team to bring the Gospel to all of our Heavenly Father's children. 

I hope you all have a great week! Keep striving to improve- progress is happiness :) 

Sister Richards

Jeff after he was ordained :)

Sister Call and I learned how to tie a double windsor! 

and of course I love sunsets...

I went on exchanges with Sister Ferre in Eagar which is about an hour away!

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