Sunday, February 14, 2016

finding, finding, finding!

Good morning everyone!

The edge of our area= wide open spaces

Anthony's baptism

 I hope that you guys are all doing well. We had such a great week! It was soooo cold the first few days of the week with a high of like 30 degrees with a biting cold wind but we got through it. This week has expected temperatures of 50-65 degrees. I don't know what is up with the weather- one week snow, the next sunny, then freezing, and then warm again. Everyone has been so sick around here, I think the constantly changing weather doesn't help!

So this week Sister Jones and I went down a few streets in one of our wards and we stopped by and visited all the members- most of them are older and at home during the day, score for us! We asked the members who their neighbors are and who they know that we could share the message of the restoration with, who they know that just recently moved in and we got 6 member referrals! That's huge for us! We contacted most of them and found a few potentials. One of them was a part-member family that is interested and willing to meet with us!

We had some really good lessons with our investigators this week. We had almost all of our investigators at church yesterday which was awesome! One of our potential investigators came too!

Yesterday we had such great fast and testimony meetings. It was really cool how each ward had a theme to the meeting, one was personal revelation, another the Savior. The Spirit was felt so strongly.  I am so grateful for the testimony that I have. I know it has been strengthened so much on my mission! I love being able to share the gospel and help others gain the same knowledge that I have come to know and that has blessed my life so much!

Love you all! Hope you take an opportunity to share your testimony this week :)

-Sister Richards

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