Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bedbugs, Boxers (dogs), Butterflies and a BAPTISM!

So yeah.... we go into some really gross apartments sometimes and we brought home some disgusting little friends that like to multiple in your bed and suck your blood. Fun stuff we've been dealing with this week.... You have no idea how disgusted I am. 

I hate dogs. Everyone here has a dog. We leave people's places everyday with hair all over our clothes, drool too. This week we went to a ladies house with two big Boxers that wouldn't stop jumping up on us- and they're HUGE! They wouldn't stop clawing down our arms and backs. It was all I could do not to kick the dogs or leave the house.... 

Butterflies!!! We get to volunteer at Butterfly Land as a Just Serve project! It's really cool! They have one of the largest conservatories in the West! We were able to walk through the exhibits this week as part of our training in preparation for starting this week. They receive butterfly chrysalises from all over the world!

Mer's baptism was so awesome! It was really such a spiritual experience. The ward helped out so much and I really think that her nonmember parents were touched. In her confirmation Mer was blessed to be a good example and missionary to her parents. I know one day they'll accept the Gospel! 

We had some other good lessons and were able to contact a less active member in our ward this week who came to church yesterday! We also were able to attend the Easter Pageant with a part member family this week! The Easter Pageant is so amazing! I'm so grateful for the 500+ people who volunteer to make it happen because it is such a good missionary opportunity! 

Enjoys General Conference this weekend! Happy Easter! We are excited this week to use our Because He Lives pass along cards and share our testimonies that our Savior lives! His sacrifice and death has made our Heavenly Father's plan possible. Because of Him we can overcome challenges and difficulties in this life and find peace and happiness! I hope everyone takes the chance to discover our Savior Jesus Christ's sacrifice, embraces His teachings and shares this message! Check out and #BecauseHeLives ! 

I love you all!

Sister Richards :)

​Last week we rode in a Transformers car!!!!! The Rally Fighter is PRETTY SWEET!


​I love this adorable girl!

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