Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Good night, sleep tight, and let the bed bugs bite.

Yeah, we're still dealing with bedbugs. It's the worst. We were sprayed again but I don't know how much it helped. President said we'd be doing a heat treatment in May. I just want them gone! They're so hard to get rid of and spread like crazy. I'm so paranoid that they're never going to go away and I'm going to take them with me my whole mission. Ew.

This week flew by as usual but it was so good!

On Tuesday we had a good lesson with Cindy with Sister Lewis. We watched a conference talk because Cindy was sick the weekend of conference and didn't get to watch any of it. She really liked it. We're still working on her overcoming her nicotine addiction. She gave us her other E-cigarette. We were stoked about that! We showed up to our Zone dinner at Brother Foxes with it and were waving it around. "Look what we got!" haha and then we threw it away. Cindy knows she needs to quit and wants to but it's so hard. I can't even imagine how hard it is. Later in the week we followed up and she said that she had bought a pack and smoked one. We were so devastated. We tried not to be too discouraging but encouraging by telling her we had faith that she can quit! The sisters in the ward have helped us out so much. Cindy is so happy to have friends! Member fellowship is so important!

On Wednesday we had a lesson with Joseph. He's 15 and is Native American. It's been really hard to teach him and help him understand the difference between culture and religion. He believes all of the Native legends about the creation, animals getting their colors, and stuff like that. He has been progressing though by reading the Book of Mormon assignments that we've given him! While we were teaching him we were able to ask some very inspired questions and Joseph finally opened up a little. He said he has been thinking about getting baptized! We also had another 15 year old boy at his lesson which was important so he could connect with someone his age! This really helped us out come Sunday because Wayde walked with him to church and was influential in helping Joseph stay 2 hours. Usually he leaves after Sacrament meeting and we've been really trying to get him to stay!

Thursday we taught a new investigator! Her name is Amada and she really wants to join the church. She's been attending for quite some time now but has been going to another ward in another area. We're excited to continue teaching her!

On Friday the YSA ward won the stake basketball championship! I wanted to play so badly! haha We went because an investigator was there. The Elders from the home ward are trying to transition him to YSA. We hope he'll be coming to Family Home Evening tonight and that we'll be able to have a lesson after!

Saturday we decided to have a district blitz because we've had a hard time finding investigators in the Riverview ward. We set aside one hour and prayed with faith that we would see miracles and we'd find new people. So the 4 Elders in our district went into our area to help us out! We all had success! We're so grateful to the Elders for their help and the potentials that they were able to find. We hope to be able to contact them this week.

It's going to be another busy but great week! I hope you all make it a great one too! :)

Sister Richards

​Always got to show off the butterflies! The conservatory has more than 2,000 fluttering around. The paintbrushes have nectar and the butterflies love that

​Here's us at the Laundromat drying everything on high heat to kill those bedbugs. We were so thrilled :/

​Here's cute little Brother Stokum. He's mid to late 90's I can't remember exactly! He joined the church just a few years ago! He is one of our ward missionaries and is so dedicated to his calling. Even at his age he comes out with us for visits

​Elder Biddulph and I totally matched at the track this week!

​These are some of my favorite sisters in the YSA. We all kinda matched too!

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