Saturday, October 24, 2015

Love the Scriptures!

Fall is here! The temperature is dropping and the leaves are finally changing, it's been raining quite a bit too. The weather and everything here is a lot like home. They're expecting a bad winter though so I'm not sure if I hope to stay here at transfers or go back down to the valley :) We'll see in a few weeks! 

Time really does seem to fly so much faster on the mission. I'm sure you're tired of hearing that but it's so true. Every week I'm baffled that it's already Monday again. We've got a very busy day ahead of us today. President is coming tomorrow for interviews which means our car will be inspected and maybe our apartment! The zone leaders also asked Sister Thumstedter and I do design our zone tshirt so we've got to work on that today so we'll get it before the end of the transfer. I hope it turns out haha

I don't have a whole lot to update y'all on. The Furbushs are still doing well. Jenny lost her job though :( She's back out searching for one again now.  This week we emphasized why we need to have daily prayer and scripture study individually and as a family. I know that all of us can sometimes think that there isn't enough time but I know that as we make time and put the Lord first He will bless us. I know that every day I need the revelation I receive from reading the scriptures. Yesterday Amelia told us where she's been reading and she's almost done with 1 Nephi! I asked her if she had been praying about it and if she knew if it was true and she said that God had told her it was. How awesome! :) I'm so happy she has gained that testimony. I know her testimony will continue to grow as she continues to read. 

There is so much power in the Book of Mormon. We had a really neat experience with the Borseths this week (they are the ones that give us the flowers). Sister Borseth is going blind so she cannot read anymore and we told her we would find a set of the Book of Mormon on CD. She expressed to us how much she missed reading the BoM. Well then a week or so later Sister Thumstedter was looking around the cupboards and closets in our house and found TWO sets! In our lesson this week I told Sister Borseth we had a set on CD for her and she started crying. She was so happy to receive the scriptures and promised she would listen to them every day! I hope I'll always value the Book of Mormon like her.
They gave us more flowers and we delivered them to a lot of less active and lonely people. It brought us so much joy as well as the people we gave them to! :)

We contacted quite a few potentials and are going to try to do some service with them this week. Things are going super well! Chris will be back this week, he finally left NY and is making that long drive again, poor guy! I know Jenny and Amelia are really happy for him to be home. Also Rylee and Ally are going to be baptized this Saturday! :) 

Hope you all have a great week! :)

-Sister Richards 

This week I'm ponderizing Moroni 7:33-34. What about you?!

I seriously love dahlias. Grama please find out if they grow well in
Boise climate cause these are going to cover my yard.

Susanne has a bunch of awesome Halloween decoration and legit
witchcraft stuff because her ancestors were witches and this dagger is
one of the items she has!

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