Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Change is coming

Good afternoon! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. We had such a great day. We were in the temple from 3:00-8:00. Sister Thumstedter and I did all ordinances, and we had family names!!! We could just feel the Spirit so strongly the whole night. It was wonderful! I love going to the temple :) It was a good thing we went too, because we went to grab some food afterward and people didn't know whether or not we were "legit", they thought we were a costume. It was quite amusing. 

I didn't have time to organize my thoughts today so bear with me. It was a really, really good week. We still teach Jeff Miranda every week and lately we've just been sharing and discussing conference talks with him. He has loved it. We have found some talks that have really applied to him and we've helped him realize how applicable general conference is. He calls us almost every morning, it's great daily contact, and one morning he said to me "sister, I went home-teaching last night and I was bragging about you two to everyone we saw". I asked him why and he said that he loves the lessons we've been sharing with him. I'm not saying this to brag, but I'm grateful that Sister Thumstedter and I have been inspired to share with Jeff exactly what he needs. I love studying for the people we teach. 
Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing enough or if what I'm doing is making a difference and whenever I do the Lord gives me something to show that the work we're doing is blessing others. We've been trying to emphasize to Jeff that he can have such a powerful influence to others and he's had a difficult time recognizing his ability to influence others until yesterday one member that we're really close with bore her testimony in church and said that she had been having a hard time. She went to the park to walk and think and she saw Jeff Miranda and she stopped to talk to him and asked what he was doing there and he was waiting for us to come for a lesson. He shared with her how much he loves the Gospel and our lessons and it really impacted her and helped her realize the importance of the Gospel in her life from the example of Jeff, this amazing recent convert. 

The Furbushs came to church again yesterday. They haven't missed a single week! Last night we had a lesson to just gauge where they're at and how to best help them progress together. They are recognizing how much happier they are here. They never were church goers and we asked them what has changed in their lives and they said they want to learn, they desire so much to continue to learning that going to church isn't even a question. Chris shared with us that he's noticed that he is so much happier here, he has a desire to be a better person and he is changing for the better. Sister Thumstedter and I feel so blessed by the opportunity we've had to teach them and Sister T is definitely coming back for their baptism! It's set forJanuary 6th, their 15 year wedding anniversary. Their testimony is definitely growing and I'm excited to be able to stay and help them progress toward baptism! 

We had another really good lesson with Heather. She had read about 7 chapters between lessons, it was awesome! Everyone we're teaching has a hard time understanding what they read so we're working on that. 
I haven't written about Mel much lately but we're still working with him. Bishop Burt came to our last lesson and bore a powerful testimony and really challenged him. We'll see what happens! 

I love my mission so much. I am so grateful for these wonderful people that Heavenly Father has put in my life. I know that this is where I'm supposed to be! We're 99% sure I'm staying next transfer but sometimes that changes. I'll email y'all next Wednesday with my transfer news and let you know about my new companion! 

Have a great week!
~Sister Richards :)

Sister Thumstedter had to back me all the way down that driveway (missionary rule). It was pretty funny!
Us at the temple! We coordinated our Halloween colors pretty well. 
This girl we met getting food after the temple had a pretty sweet costume.

The Furbush family! :) They're pretty sad to see Sister Thumstedter go, I am too! I can't believe it's our last week together! 

Our awesome minion costumes :) We did not wear them in public...

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